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Article marketing does not work as good as it used to if you’;re trying to use it to build backlinks and rank on Google. However, article marketing and affiliate marketing can still work when done the right way. Let me explain what I mean by that. People still go to […]

Well, maybe not they are not partnering but, with the advent of mass media marketing in the 30′;s, because of radio the slogan, or tag line, really took on a dominant role in advertising and established brand recognition to any given product on a grand scale. So what does Nike […]

A co-operative society is defined as a voluntary business organization in which a group of individuals with common interest pool their resources together to promote the economic and welfare of their members in production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. The producers and consumers’; cooperative societies engage in the […]

There are two aspects of marketing that marketers have to understand and work with. These two factors are the controllable factors which are known as the four Ps of marketing; price, promotion, place, and product, and the uncontrollable factors, social, economic, technological, regulatory, and competition. An organization has complete control […]

Marketing strategy is the primary key to business success. The No. 1 reason businesses fail is that they don’t make enough money. And the No. 1 reason they don’t make enough money is that they don’t adequately understand and practice effective marketing strategy. Marketing strategy offers these powerful benefits: – […]

There are six imperatives of marketing that drive, or should drive, today’s small business. These imperatives are: 1. No matter what business you might think you’re in, sooner or later you are also a marketing organization. 2. As an essentially marketing organization, then it follows that marketing becomes your single […]

Marketing MLM training is about learning the right techniques for getting prospects. Discovering methods to become captivating is definitely a complicated task, even so, running a machine to make it work might be far more tough. There are lots of misguided beliefs with regards to the exact requirements of employing […]

Have you heard about the incredible benefits of marketing your business using articles? Article marketing is without question one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to increase your business sales and profits. Using articles you can not only enhance your reputation but also be seen as an expert in […]

Do you know who Harrell Edmonds "Eddie" Chiles is? Chiles was known for his 1970s radio comments. His trade-mark sign-on "I’;m Eddie Chiles, and I’;m mad as hell," created an incredible demand for bumper stickers that read "I’;m mad too, Eddie!" I actually do not remember who Eddie was but […]