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The efficiency of a website design company has to do with the enhancement of a business investment. What new business investment needs above publicity or marketing promotion is a highly customized website. A website development company is an asset to any business community, in order to give an absolute exposure […]

The trends of the digital world have high hitting stride and everyone is trying them because it is the time to bring you back from the last winter break and settle down in the shine of 2017. From the evolving world of technologies to the expectations of instant communications, you […]

Give way to your imagination with customized website design. Let the internet users feel your presence by implementing advanced technology while creating your website. Create website designs that can interact well with the users and can offer the best refined solutions. Use of flash, animations and videos can deliver transparent […]

Before relations with China were normalized in the early part of the 70s there was very little business being done between our country and the Chinese. But several businesses were chomping at the bit for that country to open up. The hundreds of millions of potential consumers of soft drinks, […]

Today, the world is buzzing with advertising tactics and they take every step possible to ensure that their business is successful. Global marketing strategy plays a very important role in making or breaking a business. However, it is not necessary that this strategy will always work for your business. It […]

Although sometimes cringe-worthy, examples of global marketing bloopers are a useful means of appreciating that we are not all the same. For any company or business conducting a marketing campaign abroad they must take linguistic and cultural variations seriously. Below we have provided a top 20 Marketing & Communications Bloopers […]

Have a look at some interesting figures that the recent past has delled out. An assessment from research firm Common Sense Advisory has observed that 63 percent of global brands have reached more customers slowly through an increase in the number of languages ​​on their websites. Localization has turned up […]

Oracle Database Users Email Lists – Marketing activities will be successful when it spreads the right message to the target customers. The technology-based marketing requires additional emphasis as the marketers will be targeting a niche customer base. It makes lead generation and customer engagement a difficult task to achieve. So, […]

Global marketing Environment is a complex term to explain because it is covering all the issues of world that are continuously changing. To explain the true present picture of the Environment it’;s necessary to go through the most up-to-date literature and study the current changes. This chapter is giving the […]