Apple Core Quilt

You know those "Holy Grail" quilts that are on your bucket list?  Well, the apple core is one of those for me!

[starry eye emoji]


I had always been put off by having to sew so many curves.  I mean, lets get real, curves are AWESOME SAUCE, but who wants to spend your hours, days and your ENTIRE life pinning the tar out of little tiny pieces of fabric???


Not I!

So, imagine my delight when while scrolling through Instagram, I saw that Sew Kind of Wonderful had an alternate layout for the mini quick curve ruler that made the apple core design.


I don't know if your have drank the KoolAid that is the Quick Curve Ruler, but it is some AWESOME punch!  Trust me, buy it, you're welcome!

The quilting ancestors have interceded, yet again, and I knew that I had to make it :-)


Fortunately, I had a bundle of these beautiful mini florals that were begging to be cut into!

[Instagram is Satan!  One day, never mind how long ago, I saw the most darling little bundle of floral goodness just floating in my feed for sale at Kiwi Fabrics (on Etsy).  DARN! YOU! ALL! TO! HECK!! ...I had to partake.]



I also had a pile of gray Luxe (by Michael Miller) scraps to use for the solid!

[Just to be clear, I had EXACTLY enough gray to make this sweet quilt, seriously, exactly!....with enough for one spare block!]


Happy dance!!


With each block made, my heart got happier and happier 😍🤓

[Seriously, quilting Nirvana]


For the quilting, I went sweet and simple. 


An eternal loop in the gray. 


And a simple feather in the florals. 


The florals are Petite Garden by Sevenberry. 

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL???


For the binding I went with Riley Blakes silver stripe 🤓, of course!


I love it so much :)

(Can you see the snow flakes falling in the picture?)

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