New Living Room Sofa

It has been literally 24 years since we bought a new sofa!

(Please excuse the weird Panorama picture)

We are use it up, wear it out or do without, kind of folks ;)

But, a few weeks ago, I had just had it and went to Costco and bought a new living room sofa!

It is so much fun to have something new and pretty :)

We do have a bazillion children, who were warned to STAY OFF OF THE NEW SOFA!!!  

My sweet boys know that they must be clean (WITH  CLEAN SOCKS) to sit on them :)

We explained to them that while we are not rich or fancy, and neither are our new couches, we still need to take care of what we have!

They seen ok with it!

After all, that corner spot is so nice and comfy!

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