Eva's Vintage Embroidery Quilt is FINISHED!!!

In early 1958, my mother in law found out that that she was 
expecting the first of their nine children.

She immediately began working on the most beautiful (and frankly perfect) 
embroideries to make a special gift for that child.

(Her work is amazing!  This is actually the back side of the lamb.)

Eva grew up in East Germany.

She went to school there and became and expert seamstress.
(her final was to make a perfectly tailored ladies suit...she passed!)

Her stem stitch is so perfect and smooth.

I only wish I could do work like hers!

These embroideries have been sitting in a box for 57 years.

Last year, she asked me what she should do with them and I promptly took them from her
 and told her that I would take good care of them. :)

I decided that 1930's reproduction prints would suit this quilt.

Sweet and simple 16 patches would be the perfect compliment to her expert handwork,

I didn't have a plan as I began, but sure enough the quilt took on a life of it's own.

Pinwheels were the final border.  Sweet, simple and just what the quilt needed!

It was so exciting to quilt this myself!

My only regret is that I didn't double the batting :(

It was really fun to decide the different quilting motifs.

I used rulers for the orange peels and the crosshatching.

The rest was free motion quilting on my longarm.

For the backing I used some 1970 vintage yellow rose buds.
(I love that things from my childhood are now considered "Vintage")

For the binding, I happened to have some yellow yardage from the collection I used for the quilt!

It was so much fun to make this quilt and my mother in law loved it!

Some days, being a quilter is just plain the BEST thing EVER!!!

....the only problem is that I TOTALLY messed up the year on the label!!!
I gave it to her for Christmas 2015!!


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