I Got a NEW(ish) Toy!

Yep!  I am officially a longarm quilter!!

While visiting HMQS with Konda, I drank the Koolaid and fell in love with longarm quilting!

I wrestled with the brands and prices and decided that if I was going to get a longarm, it needed to be a Gammill (for various reasons).  The prices for a new Gammill were a bit overwhelming, so considering the long term value of a Gammill, I decided to look for a used one.

I searched locally, I searched across the nation (USA)!  I found one in Fresno that I was ready to go and pick up, when all of a sudden, a used Gammill showed up right here in Payson!  
I nearly did a flip!

This beauty is a Optimum (30") with a 14' table.  It has very little wear and runs like a champ!

This past Monday night, we picked it up (well, the seller was AWESOME and helped us with the disassemble and reassembly! ...along with a few of his good friends)!

My sewing corner has now grown to encompass the majority of our once generous family room :)

(We had to clear out nearly the entire family room to make room for it :)  
All together this beast needs 15' x 6' for operation)

My sewing area even got a once over (with the help of Emily Carr, fabric sorter extraordinaire)

Three of these 55 gallon garbage sacs is full of fabric for our #EpicSewDay #EpicFabricSwap next Thursday! (one is just plain trash)

If you are going to be near the Payson area next Thursday, 
you should come sew with us and partake of the MASSIVE fabric swap!

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