Baby Kainoa's Grandma Karen Quilt

My good friend Chrisann is having a baby any time here.

It is her fourth son, and they are VERY excited!

This sweet baby is a long time coming!

I have been making memory quilts for Chrisann and her dad and siblings from her mother, Karen's clothes.

Karen passed away a few years ago from Multiple Myeloma.

You can see all of the quilts HERE.

Chrisann's little boy will be named Kainoa.

That means, strength of the ocean.

I thought wave quilting would be perfect :)

I used the same clothing for Kainoa's quilt as I used for his moms.

This quilt came together over night, literally!

I started working on this at 7:30 pm.

The neighbors showed up at 8:30 pm for a visit. (It was such a fun surprise!!)

At 10:30 pm I resumed working on it until midnight.

I laid in bed awake until 3:18 am, decided to get up and shower and then work on the quilt.  At 5:18 am (I find irony in the time), I got back into bed and slept until 9 am.  I bound and labeled the quilt from 9:30-11 am...and made it to the baby shower just in time ;)

The backing is made from Grandma Karen's bathrobe.  So soft!

The quilt is 40"x40" 

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